Facilities For Hire

Holmesglen offer a number of facilities to external parties throughout its 4 campuses. These facilities include conferences, student teaching and examinations, events and getaways/camps.

Facilities For Hire
  • Holmesglen at Eildon

    Holmesglen at Eildon is a specialised property and facility owned and operated by Holmesglen. Located two hours north east of Melbourne in Eildon, the [...]

  • Simulation Centre

    Holmesglen Simulation Centre has been widely acknowledged as a leading health professional training facility and has been utilised in a range of nursi [...]

  • Conference Centre & Corporate Suites

    The Holmesglen Conference Centre & Corporate Suites have a range of meeting and exhibition spaces to cater for a variety of events and functions. The [...]

  • Teaching Spaces for Hire

    Classrooms, computer rooms and lecture theatres across all campuses may be available for external third party room hire, when they are not being used [...]