Advanced Diploma of Justice

Course code 22321VIC
Start date(s) February/July
Course length Full time: 1 year
Campus Waverley
Study mode Full time
International course No
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  • Course Overview

    Incorporating the 22320VIC Diploma of Justice

    The Justice courses are designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes required for a successful career within the justice environment. Blending theory with practice, students gain an in-depth, working knowledge of the Victorian criminal justice system. Our highly skilled, passionate teachers bring workplace experience and ongoing dedication to the classroom, creating learning environments that are dynamic, innovative and supportive to student needs.  

    The Advanced Diploma of Justice at Holmesglen is a preferred course for the Department of Justice - Community Correctional Services Student Placement Program and the Community Correctional Services Graduate Program.

    As part of the course, students will participate in a variety of exciting and unique learning activities  including:

    • Guest speakers from federal and state policing, youth justice, community corrections, Magistrates' Court and Local Laws
    • Moot court performances and simulated workplace scenarios
    • Field visits to a wide variety of justice environments including the Melbourne Magistrates' Court, Children's Court, Drug Court, Barwon and Marngoneet prisons, and the Victorian Parliament
    • Practical work placements at police stations, courts, community corrections offices, youth justice, local laws, barrister's offices, and a variety of relevant community organisations
    • Opportunities to engage in industry events, seminars and expos, allowing for connecting and networking with industry representatives.

    The 22321VIC Advanced Diploma of Justice is part of a vocational sequence that includes the 22320VIC Diploma of Justice. Students enrol at the Diploma level to start the sequence (1st year) and continue on to the Advanced Diploma of Justice (2nd year). This provides an exit point where students can graduate with the Diploma of Justice or continue on to the Advanced Diploma of Justice.

  • Course Structure

    The 22320VIC Diploma of Justice (delivered in the first year) comprises of 12 units designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the Australia legal system and a detailed understanding of the Victorian criminal justice system and the various agencies working within the system.  Many of the units have been selected based on current industry consultation, highlighting growth areas and required knowledge, such as working with new and emerging communities, family violence, modern approaches to alternative dispute resolution, and a specific unit which develops students writing and presentation skills; a much needed skill for success in a variety of justice roles.  

    The 22321VIC Advanced Diploma of Justice (delivered in the second year) comprises of a further 12 units, each designed to develop an in-depth knowledge of specific areas within the justice environment, including criminology and crime prevention; psychology of offenders; young offenders, investigations, case management of offenders, child protection and much more.  This year will further equip students with detailed and specific knowledge and skills for employment in a wide range of positions within the justice environment.

    The 22321VIC Advanced Diploma of Justice is part of a vocational sequence that includes the 22320VIC Diploma of Justice. Students enrol at the Diploma level to start the sequence (1st year) and continue on to the 22321VIC Advanced Diploma of Justice (2nd year).


    Assessments are varied and may include written tasks, role plays and simulations, portfolios, reflective tasks, testing, written reports, presentations, moot courts and group tasks.


    VU21922Apply research techniques within justice contexts
    VU21924Apply sociology concepts and principles to justice contexts
    VU21927Apply psychological concepts and principles within justice environments
    VU21931Work with young offenders in justice environments
    VU21920Apply Australian Border Force law enforcement processes within justice environments
    VU21932Analyse the child protection environment in a justice context
    VU21923Apply investigative processes within justice environments
    VU21925Research criminology and crime prevention for application to practice within justice environments
    VU21926Research human rights principles within justice environments
    VU21928Identify and respond to complex issues within a criminal justice environment
    VU21929Undertake case-management in a justice environment
    VU21930Apply law and advocacy to support justice clients experiencing justiciable events
    VU21909Apply foundations legal principles
    VU21911Apply writing and presentation skills within a justice environment
    VU21913Uphold & support the ethics and values of working within a justice environment
    VU21918Apply self-management and workplace safety strategies in the justice environment
    VU21921Support policing processes within justice environment contexts
    VU21912Support the management of adult offenders within the Victorian correctional framework
    VU21914Apply criminal law within justice environments
    VU21915Work with family violence contexts within justice environments
    VU21916Work with culturally diverse clients within justice environments
    VU21917Work with conflict resolution and mediation processes within justice environments
    VU21919Identify and support children and young people at risk
    VU21910Work within the criminal justice system
  • Requirements

    Recognition of prior learning

    You may be able to shorten the length of your chosen course by measuring skills acquired through work, life experiences or qualifications obtained from formal studies or training. AQF qualifications and statements of attainment issued by another registered training organisation will be recognised by Holmesglen.

    Please see Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer for more information.


    • VCE or equivalent (this program does not select on ATAR), or
    • Mature age (at least 18 years of age)
    • Applicants for the Diploma of Justice are expected to have a demonstrated capacity in language, literacy and numeracy and be able to use a personal computer.

    Selection Process

    All applicants must attend a one-on-one interview with a justice teacher, complete a written questionnaire and a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test prior to their scheduled interview. 

    The application process is designed to determine interest in course, level of competency (language, literacy and numeracy) to meet course requirements, ensure applicant has all the required information and answer any questions.

    All applicants will receive an official notification at the interview indicating whether or not they have been successful.

  • Outcomes

    Qualification & Recognition

    On successful completion of the first year of study, students will graduate with the 22320VIC Diploma of Justice, a Victorian Accredited course.

    On successful completion of the second year of study, students will graduate with the Advanced Diploma of Justice, a Victorian Accredited course.


    For students interested in further study, pathways are available with a number of higher education providers including RMIT, Monash University and Deakin University. 

    After completing the Advanced Diploma of Justice, students may be eligible to receive credit of up to 18 months towards relevant degrees.

    Career Opportunities

      The course prepares students to work in a wide variety of roles within the justice environment, including: 

    • Policing (state and federal forces)
    • Community corrections officer (working with offenders on community correction orders)
    • Court registrar or court administration
    • Local laws officer and local government authorities
    • Youth justice
    • Customs
    • Sheriff's department
    • Case manager
    • Prison officer
    • Legal assistant.
  • Dates

    Course Commencement

    The next commencement for this course will be July 2018.


    On campus, approximately 3 to 3.5 days per week.

  • How to Apply


    Apply directly to Holmesglen.

    Apply online now

    The application process takes approximately 5 minutes and at this stage, you do not need to provide any documentation.

    To apply offline, contact the department directly using the details below. Your application will be reviewed by the faculty and you will be contacted within 2 working days. For further information on the full application process, including how to accept your offer, complete enrolment and make payment, visit How to Apply.

    Further Advice

    If you have further questions about your application please contact the department:

    Social Science Department
    03 9564 6320


    Holmesglen may engage third parties to recruit students on behalf the of the institute. Third party recruiters receive a commission and this will not impact on your fees.

    Find out more about your rights and obligations as a student and the services we provide at Holmesglen.

  • Fees

    Holmesglen TAFE
    Holmesglen TAFE 22321VIC

    Program Fees

    Gov. Subsidised$3500
    Full Fee$8400
    The above program fee covers the 22321VIC Advanced Diploma qualification which is undertaken in your second year of study.

    How do I pay my fees?

    A payment plan is available for this course.  Holmesglen also offers a range of scholarships each year which you may be eligible to apply for.

    Information Offices are situated at all campuses. Discuss your payment options with Holmesglen Information staff.

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