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Today computer networks and systems are the power engines behind all industries, from finance; to medical; to telecommunications and retail. We rely on these systems to do our jobs, shopping and banking amongst other things, so when things stop working it is vital that we have somebody to turn to.

A qualification in networking from Holmesglen, will allow you to be part of the support network that is so important to all businesses/industries to keep their IT systems up and running.

During your time at Holmesglen, you will taught how to design and construct networks; manage servers; maintain network security; manage cloud computing and use VOIP technologies all skills that are in demand in a variety of workplaces.

Your studies will be a balance of theory, real world projects and invaluable industry exposure. You will be taught with the most up to date systems by teachers who have worked or are currently working in the sector.

Courses available (4)

Certificate IV

  • International
    Information Technology Networking
    Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking Holmesglen TAFE
    • Start February / July

    This course is the ideal pathway into designing and constructing networks. You will be involved in constructing small wireless networks, intranets and large scale networks. You will also develop skills in network design, server management, virtualisation, operating systems and network security.During the course, you will have the opportunity to work in up to date networking laboratories with current industry standard equipment and technologies.

  • Information Technology Support
    Certificate IV in Information Technology Support Holmesglen TAFE
    • Start Various dates throughout the year

    This course provides students with the practical skills and knowledge required to work as a paraprofessional dealing with technology, in a support role.If you're looking for a pathway into the information and communications technology field then this is the course for you. Practical and hands-on, it provides you with a broad range of skills in the IT support, networking and project support fields.The course is conducted through a blended learning approach with on the job [...]


  • International
    Information Systems
    • Start July

    This course aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to design and implement Information Systems (IS) to support business needs, including cloud based systems.It offers areas of study that extend the traditional concepts of IS to introduce current technologies and future trends, including but not limited to, cloud based information systems, virtual private cloud, cloud service models, cyber security and big data to mention a few.All these areas merge together in the [...]


  • International
    Information Technology Networking
    Networking Stream
    Diploma of Information Technology Networking Holmesglen TAFE
    • Start February / July

    This dual course incorporates the ICT40415 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking. It is the ideal pathway into designing and constructing networks. You will be involved in constructing large wired and wireless networks, intranets and large scale networks.You will develop skills in network design, large scale server management and virtualisation, cloud computing and VOIP technologies. During the course you will also have the opportunity to develop your management skills, as you work in our up [...]

Networking Open Days

  • 10May
    Networking & Programing

    Visit us on Open Day to learn about designing, building and managing IT networks & programming using the latest techniques in application development. You'll get the chance to see our dedicated networking facilities as well as talk to teachers about the range of courses on offer, practical applications and pathways. All of our diploma programs lead to a Bachelor of IT with 1 year credit, meaning you start in the 2nd year of the degree. Registrations are essential for sessions to go ahead.

    - , Thu 10 May - bookings essential.

    Holmesglen Chadstone Campus, Batesford Road, Chadstone, Vic Australia