Exemption and advanced standing

Exemption acknowledges that a student’s previous learning meets the learning outcomes of a particular subject in a higher education program. Students may apply for exemption for a subject based on prior studies and/or work experience.

There are limits to the number of credit points for which exemption may be granted within a program.

When assessing an application for exemption for a subject, in order to grant an exemption the assessor or assessment panel need to assess the evidence provided by the student and be convinced that this evidence shows that the learning outcomes of the subject have been met by the student through their prior experiences.

Students may provide the evidence supporting their application in a number of ways however an evidence portfolio aligned to the learning outcomes is a common approach.


Faculty specific exemption application criteria

Faculties may have additional requirements and criteria for exemption applications. Students applying for exemptions should confirm with their faculty what is required as part of an exemption application.