Grade Point Average (GPA)

A Grade Point Average (GPA) is an internationally recognised measure for establishing equivalence across different grading systems.  The internationalisation of tertiary education is now such that a GPA is a tool with which students can apply for educational and employment opportunities both locally and worldwide.  Local students who apply for work with international organisations often require their GPA.  The GPA is the average result of all grades achieved by a student in their course of study, weighted by the credit value of each subject.  Holmesglen has adopted a 4 point GPA system.

A GPA will be reported to students on completion of their course and an explanation of the GPA will appear on the student's academic transcript.  A GPA for completed subjects may be requested if the student leaves the course prior to completion.

GPA Score

GradeDescriptionResult RangeGrade Point Score
HDHigh Distinction80%-100%4
PXUngraded Pass
CPConceded Pass45%-49%0.5

Other Grades, eg. Advanced StandingNot included

GPA Formula

The value for the grade achieved for each is multiplied by the number of credit points for that subject.  For details of subject credits points refer to and the relevant degree information.  Each degree has a listing of subject credit points located in the Program Structure section.  These weighted grade values are totalled and then divided by the total number of subject credit points as shown in the examples below:

Example 1

GradeGrade Point ScoreSubject Credit Points

Subject 1

High Distinction46

Subject 2


Subject 3


Subject 4

Grade Point Average example 1

 Example 2

GradeGrade Point ScoreSubject Credit Points
Subject 1Credit210
Subject 2Credit24
Subject 3Pass14
Subject 4Distinction36
Grade Point Average example 2