Academic staff support

Academic staff support encompasses elements such as induction and professional development.


Induction of higher education staff occurs in three main stages:

  • Institute induction of new staff
    On appointment, new staff are provided with the staff information booklet. This booklet provides an introduction to Holmesglen and the institute's strategic plan, rules and regulations, organisation structure, campus maps and general information.
    New staff are also expected to undertake the online Holmesglen induction program upon appointment at the institute.

  • Faculty/department induction of new staff
    Faculty/department induction of new staff is organised and undertaken by the Head of Department or nominee and includes an introduction to faculty processes, procedures, expectations and faculty/department support structures. It may include orientation sessions in relation to particular program pedagogical approaches.

  • Higher education induction
    The higher education induction is organised and delivered by the Higher Education Support Unit. This induction introduces staff to Holmesglen's approach to higher education and scholarship. The dates for the higher education induction sessions for the year are available on the Holmesglen staff intranet under Higher Education.