Scholarship and professional development

Holmesglen encourages staff and student engagement in scholarship and creative activities through its values, higher education course characteristics and the policies and processes of the Higher Education Rule for Scholarship and its Professional Development procedure.


Rule for Scholarship

The Rule for Scholarship provides an institute wide framework for supporting and monitoring academic staff scholarship activities. The framework is based on a points system and the rule summarises the points allocated to specific activities across a range of categories. Staff can negotiate scholarly activities outside these categories and activities. The Rule can be accessed through the Holmesglen Management System.


Professional development

Academic staff are responsible for maintaining their awareness of current developments in their own and related disciplines and incorporating this knowledge into their teaching. Professional development and the scholarly activity of staff is reviewed annually and considered in conjunction with faculty and institute strategic directions. The institute may support discipline, teaching and learning and other professional development and scholarly activity through time release and/or funding; this is generally determined at the faculty level. The institute's Professional Development procedure can be accessed through the Holmesglen Management System.