Teaching and Learning

Holmesglen's graduate attributes, course characteristics and industry focus provide the framework to guide teaching and learning at Holmesglen.‚Äč

  • Graduate attributes

    Holmesglen is committed to producing graduates that exhibit a range of attributes that enable them to participate effectively in the workforce and make constructive contributions to the community.

  • Program characteristics

    All Holmesglen higher education programs have a defining set of characteristics embedded within them.

  • Industry focus of higher education programs

    Holmesglen works closely with employers and peak bodies during development and review of its higher education programs.

  • Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

    The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) is a permanent Institute committee to ensure that there is continual attention, at institute level, to issues relevant to higher education teaching and learning.

  • Higher Education Support Unit (HESU)

    The role of the Higher Education Support Unit (HESU) is to support staff, students, management and external stakeholders with the current and future delivery of Holmesglen higher education programs.