Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) is a permanent Institute committee to ensure that there is continual attention, at institute level, to issues relevant to higher education teaching and learning.

Membership includes academic representatives from each faculty and invited membership from other areas within the Institute as appropriate.

The primary responsibility of the Teaching and Learning Committee is to ensure high quality teaching and learning at the Institute and facilitate continuous improvement.
The scope of this responsibility includes:

  • Higher education pedagogy and pedagogical issues
  • Advice on academic policy development
  • Advice on academic quality assurance
  • Support for teaching and learning development initiatives
  • Cross institution communications and information flow on teaching and learning matters and identification of opportunities for collaboration.
  • Identification of other teaching and learning matters for improvement
  • Promotion of a scholarly culture at Holmesglen
  • Response to Higher Education Executive Committee (HEEC) requests for information or research.
The Teaching and Learning Committee reports directly to the HEEC.