Values and Standards of Teaching

Teaching and learning at Holmesglen is underpinned by the Institute's values and both internal and external standards requirements.

Holmesglen's policies, procedures and benchmarking processes support Holmesglen in its practice of continual improvement.

  • Values

    The Institute's five values of access, excellence, scholarship, integrity and enterprise are reflected in all higher education programs developed by Holmesglen.

  • Quality Standards

    As a higher education provider, Holmesglen operates within the Higher Education Standards Framework. Staff are also expected the work in accordance with Holmesglen's professional standards and code of conduct.

  • Benchmarking

    Holmesglen uses benchmarking as a means of comparing the institute's performance and standards internally and with other organisations.

  • Work integrated learning

    The academic staff at the Institute have formed a community of practice to support the execution of work integrated learning within Higher Education at Holmesglen.

  • Holmesglen Ethics Review Process

    The Holmesglen Ethics Review Panel (HERP) reviews low risk applications for ethics approval. The levels of risk reflect the ethical issues and possible risks to research participants, researcher or the Institute presented by the research project.