Holmesglen uses benchmarking as a means of comparing the institute's performance and standards internally and with other organisations. This assists the institute with monitoring its performance, identifying gaps, developing informed improvement strategies and setting goals based on empirical evidence. Benchmarking can be strategic, cyclic, about institute wide issues or very narrow and relevant to a small group. It can be as simple as doing a desktop audit survey of relevant websites or it may involve a formal request for information from another institution. Benchmarking at Holmesglen is conducted using a range of processes, such as:

  • Higher education key performance indicators
  • Student and staff surveys
  • Course surveys.


Benchmarking guidelines

Holmesglen's benchmarking guidelines support a consistent understanding of, and approach to, benchmarking across the institute. Holmesglen's benchmarking guidelines are available on the staff intranet under Higher Education.


External benchmarking

Holmesglen participates in the Australian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE), Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) and Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) as part of our mechanisms for benchmarking performance against other higher education providers.