The institute's five values of access, excellence, scholarship, integrity and enterprise are reflected in all higher education programs developed by Holmesglen. These values are also a core element of teaching and learning at Holmesglen.

The five values

  1. Access
    Holmesglen provides access to higher education programs and services for all students through a variety of delivery modes and teaching approaches, enhanced by relationships with other educational institutions and key industries.

  2. Excellence
    Holmesglen strives to achieve best practice in its higher education programs. Excellence begins with a commitment to innovative curriculum design and delivery. Best practice and teaching excellence incorporate applied learning and student centred principles including problem-based, case-based and project-based delivery.

  3. Scholarship
    Staff and students are encouraged to develop knowledge through open intellectual inquiry and a scholarly approach. Academic integrity, a commitment to the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility, are intrinsic to this pursuit. Engagement in scholarship by staff and students is an integral component of Holmesglen's learning community.
  4. Integrity
    Academic integrity, professional values and ethical behaviour underpin the development and delivery of Holmesglen higher education programs. Ethical, fair, objective and professional behaviour is expected of individual staff, students and the Holmesglen collective with these values being embedded in Holmesglen's processes and procedures.

  5. Enterprise
    Holmesglen encourages program delivery and business models that are innovative, well-resourced, responsive and entrepreneurial. This makes Holmesglen well-placed to respond to industry and career needs to meet the requirements of new and emerging markets.