Three students have won esteemed awards as part of the 2016 Wildflowers Australia Floristry Competition.

Students Win Wildflowers Australia Floristry Competition Awards

Holmesglen students have received esteemed prizes in the 2016 Wildflowers Australia competition, following the announcement of winners this October.

Floristry students Leteisha Knecht, Katie Effern and Lynette Burton were each awarded recognition for their respective floral arrangements, which invited students to interpret Olympic themes.

"It's important for students to participate in industry events such as the Wildflowers Australia Competition and MIFGS (Melbourne international Flower and Garden Show), so they can test and showcase the floristry skills they have learned while at Holmesglen," Floristry Teacher Carmel Giarratana said.

Leteisha was awarded first place in category 2 of the national competition, with fellow Holmesglen peer Katie placing second. Additionally, Lynette was announced as the winner in the state category.

"Leteisha has beautifully interpreted the movement and colour of rhythm gymnastics in her design," a description on Wildflowers Australia's competition page reads of the successful creation (see main picture above).

Similarly, Katie's design was a descriptive account that interpreted her chosen sport, badminton. Fittingly, the piece was complemented with green and gold mesh held over a badminton racquet.

While, Lynette's floral arrangement featured flax curls, proteas and leucodendron.

"Innovation and design are key features of the floristry industry.  We believe it's important for our students to see, experience and participate in innovation.  Competitions like this allow students to experience the freedom and also the discipline involved in creativity and innovation, and to learn how to develop floristry products that are new and beyond the mainstream," Carmel said.

Wildflowers Australia Floristry Competition winners -

National Category 2 –

1st place – Leteisha Knecht

2nd place - Katie Effern

State division Category 1 –

1st place - Lynette Burton

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