Professional Development

Professional Development short courses are designed to help you on your mission to find a job and improve your professional skill set, including how to effectively manage your time and workflow.

Short Courses available (2)

Negotiation Skills

  • Moorabbin Sat 25 Nov

    Learn the negotiation basics which can be applied to any situation requiring some give and take. Discover the means of arriving at a Win-Win outcome, where both parties leave with what they need. You’ll find out how to get more from your negotiations, whether they are business-related or on a personal level.

    Holmesglen Moorabbin Campus, 488 South Road, Moorabbin, Vic Australia

Time Management

  • City Tue 12 Dec

    Make the most of your time by analysing your current time management behaviours and the impact of poor time management in the workplace. Learn how to apply positive techniques in time management and notice an improvement in your own time management - in no time at all!

    Holmesglen City Campus, 332 St Kilda Road, Southbank, Vic Australia