Institute Accommodation

Institute Accommodation is available across the Chadstone, Waverley and Moorabbin campuses for both male and female students. Holmesglen owns a number of houses within the community. Living in Institute accommodation is a great way to meet and learn about people from other countries whilst sharing the house.


What is Included:

  • Fully furnished houses with 2 to 6 bedrooms
  • Every student has their own bedroom which can be locked
  • Gas, electricity, water and local telephone calls
  • Kitchen equipped with an oven, a microwave, a rice-cooker, cooking utensils and crockery
  • Central heating and cooling
  • Wireless Internet facilities
  • Washing machine, dryer, television and DVD player
  • Outdoor sensor security lighting
  • Maintenance of surrounding gardens
  • Monthly cleaning of common areas e.g. bathroom, kitchen, lounge and dining areas
  • Free airport reception and transport to the accommodation

Student Responsibilities:

  • Paying rent in advance and keeping track of upcoming rental payments
  • Providing own bed linen
  • Purchasing food and cooking meals
  • Purchasing cleaning products and personal toiletries, e.g. detergent, sponges etc.
  • Cleaning bedrooms and general tidiness of the house
  • Taking out the garbage for collection
  • Laundry (washing clothes)
  • Notifying the International Centre of any required maintenance
  • Students are required to give a minimum of two weeks written notice to vacate
  • Return house keys on the date of departure


Weekly Rent ..................................$180

How to Book:

  1. Forward ten weeks' rent ($1,800) to Holmesglen with tuition fees
  2. Forward arrival details including flight arrival time, flight number and date.
  3. Upon receipt of the above, confirmation of a vacancy and address details will be forwarded.


Note: Please be advised that Holmesglen is unable to confirm a place in institute accommodation until arrival details are forwarded. Students who provide arrival details first will be given priority.

Additional Information:

Bed linen packages are available. Students have an option to purchase a bed linen package from Holmesglen, which is delivered to the accommodation in time for your arrival. Payment is required with the accommodation payment.

The $180 package includes:

  • Set of single sheets
  • Warm doona/bed quilt and cover
  • Pillowcase
  • Face Towel
  • Pillow

Extension of Stay:

Students who wish to extend their stay after the initial period of 10 weeks must notify the International Centre of their intention to extend. Rental must be paid four weeks in advance ($720).

Age Limit:

Students must be over 18 years of age, to live in Institute accommodation.

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation is suitable for students based at all campuses.  For many students who are away from home for the first time, this choice of accommodation provides a good way to learn about the Australian lifestyle and customs while living in a family environment. A homestay family in Australia can mean many things. It can be a family consisting of a mother, father and children, or a single mother or father with or without children. Australia is a multicultural country - many people from different countries have come here to live and are now Australian citizens. In many Australian families both parents will work and may not be at home when you are. Holmesglen uses the services of an accommodation agency to provide homestays. The Institutes role is limited to facilitating contact between the student and the agency. The Institute takes no responsibility for the accommodation provided.

What is Included:

  • Families are carefully screened
  • Own bedroom includes a bed, desk, wardrobe, etc
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast and lunch self-serve, cooked dinner)
  • Electricity, gas and water bills
  • Involved with family activities
  • Safe environment
  • Assistance with cultural differences

Student Responsibilities:

  • Paying their rent in advance
  • Telephone calls
  • Personal toiletries
  • Tidying their room
  • Adhere to the homestays house rules e.g. setting the table or washing up after dinner
  • Internet accounts
  • Communicate with families


Accommodation Placement Fee.......$270 (including airport reception)
Weekly Homestay Rent.......................$265* per week

Note: Please be advised that rates will change to $275 per week as of the 1/4/2017.

How to Book:

  1. Forward $270 to Holmesglen with tuition fees
  2. Complete a homestay application form listing students individual requirements
  3. Forward arrival details including flight arrival time, flight number and date.

Upon receipt of the above, a homestay family is then selected and a family profile forwarded to the student. The profile will provide brief information about the family with whom the student has been placed.

Additional Information:

  • Paying Rent: On your arrival in Melbourne you are required to pay 2 weeks rent directly to the homestay family.
  • House Rules: Once you arrive at the homestay family, they will explain to you the rules and customs of the family. You should ask about anything that you are unsure of. Perhaps you need to know when it is convenient to make and receive telephone
    calls or if you can invite your friends home. It is important to make sure everything is clear at the beginning.
  • Leaving the Homestay: If you wish to move out of a homestay you are required to give two weeks notice in writing to the family.
  • Holidays: During Institute approved holidays, if a student is away from home for 3 or more continuous nights; $15 per night is to be deducted from the homestay rent.

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