Interior decoration course inspires an exciting new career for Ivona

Innova Nagel

The chance to work in a creative field inspired Ivona Nagel to change careers and gain qualifications in interior decoration and interior designer.

After studying the MSF40118 Certificate IV in Interior Decoration and then completing an advanced diploma qualification in interior design, Ivona started her own business, I. N. Designed Interiors.

Ivona is also an award-winning student, who used the skills from her courses to receive a Best Response to a Design Brief accolade at the 2020 Design Matter Awards.

“I have always loved architecture, fashion and beautiful interiors. It’s an area of work where no two jobs are alike, and every day is different and exciting,” Ivona says.

Where can an interior decoration course take you?

Interior decorators bring to life residential domestic, commercial and interior environments.

“The challenge is to create a space according to a client's needs using colours, lights, furniture, flooring and fabrics, as well as arranging these elements artfully,” Ivona says. During her MSF40118 Certificate IV in Interior Decoration course, Ivona studied how to prepare materials and finishes boards to present to clients.

“The research I did on many different topics for the course, such as researching and testing different materials/finishes, was extremely beneficial in helping clients make wise and practical choices,” says Ivona.

“Working on projects during the courses gave me structure in starting a real-life project and knowing what to do, how to do it and in which sequence.”

Ivona says the course gave her helpful insights into:

  • sourcing furniture and materials
  • the newest trends in the industry
  • producing technical drawings
  • 3D forms.

How can an interior decoration course help you start a business?

Ivona’s career ambitions grew as she learned more in the classroom. With the same determination she showed during her interior decoration course and then interior design studies, Ivona created her company, I. N. Designed Interiors. Now she contracts remotely to a building design company in Echuca.

The knowledge she gained with 3D creative design processes helped with her business brand and style.

“The course is very much aligned with how the industry operates,” she says.

What qualities make a good interior decorator?

Interior decorators see possibility in the detail. They need to be intuitive and imaginative but also responsive and adaptable. Professionals work on a range of projects with various clients, who each have different needs.

Ivona says a good interior designer should:

  • have confidence.
  • be organised and able to meet deadlines. Ivona recommends creating a library of suppliers you may need for various products and services.
  • be a good listener and communicator, especially as you’ll be dealing with a range of different client personalities.
  • stay up to date with new trends by reading articles and magazines and attending events and networking with your peers and industry.

“If you know what you’re doing and feel confident, your clients will feel confident in engaging you.”

Ivona’s advice for students and future interior decorators?

  • Take pride in your work and work hard.
  • When doing course projects, complete them as if they are a real job.
  • Get to know suppliers.
  • Explore the boundaries of what is, and what is not possible with design and construction.

“All the research you do for assignments will come in handy when you start out in the industry.”

Ivona’s advice for students and future interior decorators?

Holmesglen offers the MSF40118 Certificate IV in Interior Decoration, from which graduates go on to pursue interior decoration consultant roles, including within the retail domestic environment. We also offer the MSF31018 Certificate III in Interior Decoration Retail Services for secondary school students wanting to get started in the field.

Graduates looking to become an interior designer or design consultant or manager, can consider diploma or advanced diploma interior design studies. Find out what study option is right for you at our interior decoration courses page.

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