What skills do you need to become a cyber security worker


Cyber security is a multi-billion-dollar industry where job opportunities are predicted to grow for IT professionals.

Cyber security course graduate Ruhunuge Ekanayake learned useful skills in networking fundamentals and security, including firewall installation, configuration and management, to start employment in this expanding field of IT.

“With the research I did before I commenced my course, I noticed that the future job trends were for cyber security.

“Most IT systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and those systems should be protected with up-to-date security. Studying cyber security can provide you with that knowledge.”

What will you learn with a cyber security certificate?

The 22603VIC Certificate IV in Cyber Security taught Ruhunuge practical skills about cyber security incident response plans and penetration testing (checking a computer for vulnerabilities).

He also gained technical skills, including knowledge about organisational policy and procedure and how to communicate information.

"I'm able to serve my employer with many skills I have gained from the cyber security course.”

What capabilities do cyber security workers need?

Ruhunuge says cyber security workers should always develop their skills to match the requirements of their IT career.

To work as a cyber security technical support worker, cyber security intrusion tester, pen tester, or computer forensics technician, you also need job-specific qualities and ‘soft skills’.

Rahunuge says these include:

  • being alert about new systems, changes and security risks
  • communicating with peers on latest information that will be beneficial to mitigate risks
  • showing teamwork, punctuality and attention to detail
  • always working according to proper policies and procedures

Ruhunuge’s advice for cyber security students

“Do some research on current trends about security aspects, get prior knowledge before starting a course and also get some advice from professionals, like Holmesglen."

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