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We offer a wide range of free 'Get Job Ready' workshops that are designed to give you a competitive edge in the job market. Our workshops cover a variety of topics including creating an impressive resume and cover letter, mastering job interviews, addressing key selection criteria, and much more.

Our workshops are carefully curated to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge you need to boost your chances of success in your job search.

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Resume writing workshop

Led by experienced professionals, our workshop covers everything you need to know to create a standout resume, from formatting and layout to content and language. Learn how to showcase your skills, experiences, and achievements effectively; discover insider tips and tricks for tailoring your resume to specific job opportunities, optimising keywords, and highlighting your unique strengths.

The cover letter

Learn about effective communication as we guide you through each essential section of a winning cover letter. From the attention-grabbing opening to the compelling closing paragraph, you'll learn how to structure your cover letter for maximum impact.

Our expert will share tips and tricks to help you tailor your cover letter to specific job opportunities, showcasing your skills and experiences in the best possible light. Learn how to highlight your strengths, address key selection criteria, and make a lasting impression on hiring managers.

Ace your job interview

Are you ready to ace your next job interview?

Join us for an engaging and practical interview skills workshop designed to equip you with the techniques needed to impress employers and land your desired position. This workshop will provide you with insider tips and strategies such as:

  • How to make an impression
  • Common interview questions
  • How to use the STAR method
Job search strategies

Unlock the secrets of the hidden job market with our workshop. Discover how to go beyond conventional job searches and tap into unadvertised opportunities. Gain the skills to connect with employers directly, even through cold calling. Learn the art of crafting a compelling pitch that showcases your talents and sets you apart from the crowd. Don't miss out on your chance to target the employers you've always wanted to work for.

Working in Australia

From your first day on the job, we'll provide you with essential tips and resources to ensure a smooth transition. Learn what to expect, how to make a great first impression, and navigate common workplace procedures with ease.