How a construction waterproofing course can support your business

Waterproofing student

A key trade impacted in recent years by code improvements is waterproofing, which is offered through Holmesglen’s CPC31420 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing and on the Free TAFE list for eligible students.

Under the National Construction Code, waterproofers need to meet clear building expectations and compliance targets when working on residential and commercial construction projects.

For medium and large construction and dedicated waterproofing businesses, this means only employing qualified tradespeople with the right skills to complete waterproofing jobs.

For small firms, sole builders and wall and floor tilers, you must complete an approved course before waterproofing any commercial and domestic wet areas.

What can you learn during a waterproofing course?

The CPC31420 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing course teaches workers currently in construction, plus individuals wanting to get into waterproofing, various techniques, standards and processes.

The course gives learners strong working knowledge about:

  •  Preparing surfaces
  •  Using proper tools and techniques
  •  Applying waterproofing in internal and external areas, including below ground

Additionally, learners complete units that provide detailed practical and technical skills, including how to:

  •  Complete measurements and calculations
  •  Apply sealant, waterproofing remedial processes, and levelling procedures
  •  Read and interpret plans and specifications

Atila re-skills to make waterproofing his career

Atila Kiss enrolled in a part-time waterproofing course after working in industry. He says having workers with the right construction waterproofing skills is important.

“The trade is wanting experienced people.

“You want to know when a tradesperson goes to a site, they’re going to do the job right.

“Walking away and knowing that your work is not going to fail is the most rewarding part of the job. It’s your reputation. This comes down to experience and the knowledge you get from [qualified] people.”

Following completion of the construction waterproofing course, Atila moved to New South Wales, where he works on residential projects.

He has also recently started waterproofing contract work for a hotel restoration project.

High quality teachers and training make a difference

Atila says the course complemented his previous work in industry and ensured his skills were industry current.

“I learnt a lot from the course, even though I'd been working in the field for quite a few years.

“If you know what you’re doing, there is plenty of work out there. I’m knocking back work now.”

He also says the Holmesglen teachers contributed to the quality of training.

“My teacher’s enthusiasm for waterproofing was mind-blowing. From learning about ordinary balconies to bathrooms, to retaining walls, you go through the whole lot.”

“They went through how everything should go as a full process, right back to the basics through to the complete product, even the tiling side of it as well.

“The attention to detail was pheromonal. You went through every part of a job, to make sure you knew what to look out for when working.”

Find out more about our construction waterproofing course and how you can qualified, or call us on 1300 639 888.

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