Sandon’s carpentry apprenticeship inspires industry success

Sandon Jennings
Holmesglen carpentry apprentice Sandon Jennings has joined the ranks of the industry’s emerging top professionals after winning the 2021 Master Builders Building Industry Foundation Award winner.

“I always knew I wanted to pursue a career that was hands-on,” says Sandon of his motivation to undertake an apprenticeship and study the CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry at Holmesglen

“I narrowed down my choices to carpentry or architectural drafting as these fields work together.

“I decided to do carpentry because I would learn the skills to read and interpret plans and be able to also use these skills to do furniture making as a hobby.

“Plus, I know if I want to later pursue a career in architecture, I will have the background to help me."

What can you achieve with a carpentry apprenticeship?

Sandon was among five Holmesglen apprentices who received awards at the 2021 Master Builders Victoria State Apprentice of the Year Awards.

"The Master Builders Building Industry Foundation Award means so much to me. I know that all my hard work and dedication, the early mornings and late nights, rain or sun, countless hours in traffic, are all worth it for a job that I love."

 Sandon’s motivation has also been recognised in the Holmesglen workshop. He previously won Outstanding Second Year Apprentice at our Department Awards event.

What can you learn with a carpentry apprenticeship at Holmesglen?

Carpentry apprentices like Sandon learn the key skills needed to build a house and similar structures.

This includes constructing roofs, wall frames, ceilings and trusses, eaves and external timber stairs. Students also learn how to install cladding, windows, lining, panelling and molding.

Other study areas include:

  •  OHS
  •  tool and equipment safety
  •  excavation
  •  reading and interpreting plans
  •  installing flooring systems.

Sandon says attitude and work ethic are as important as skills learned in the workshop.

“At Holmesglen, I’ve learned to be persistent and that making a mistake is just part of learning,” he says.

“When you’re in the carpentry workshop and making your scale replicas of different components of houses and learning new techniques, you aren’t going to get everything right the first time, just be persistent and keep working, and you’lll get the skills right.”

At Holmesglen, Sandon has benefitted from industry-experienced teachers, who support all apprentices through their training to full-time employment.

“Winning an award is not only a reflection of myself, but the people around me and the environments that I have been provided. The people around me demand my best. My teachers have helped make me an independent thinker.”

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