Wall and floor tiling learner becomes award-winning apprentice

Casey Shannon

Casey Shannon knows that when you are doing something you love the rest falls into place.

Having previously worked as a personal trainer she decided to change careers to improve her work-life balance. Casey’s newfound passion led her to Holmesglen and the CPC31311 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling apprenticeship.

Casey is now an award-winning apprentice and a respected wall and floor tiling professional.

“The apprenticeship was a complete game changer for me. I was so pleased to have found the learning environment stimulating, challenging and interesting. I was inspired to aim high and constantly improve my skills and knowledge,” she says.

Casey has made significant strides, from a career changer to Master Builders Association of Victoria’s best wall and floor tiling apprentice. Her journey is also an inspiration for other women looking to enter a trade.

“I hope that my journey and my passion can inspire other women to enter a trade,” says Casey. Casey offers two pieces of advice for those considering an apprenticeship.

Find the right training environment

“If I can sum up the value learning has had on me it is that I can take pride in myself again,” says Casey.

During her apprenticeship at Holmesglen, Casey learned how to take measurements, make calculations and read and interpret plans. She also gained skills in waterproofing and decorative tiling.

“I had such a positive experience during my training. My teachers recognised in me that I was a go-getter and had the aptitude to figure things out on my own as well.”

A trade is about working well in a team

“In tiling, jobs are always easier in a team, and I enjoy that environment. On tiling jobs, one team member will be laying the main areas and the other person measuring and making the cuts/mitres. For demolition jobs, we rotate between operating jackhammers, shovelling rubble and emptying rubble. In this way you get to learn all aspects of the trade and as a team we get to support each other,” explains Casey.

Find out where a CPC31311 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling apprenticeship can take you.

Photo caption: Casey Shannon (middle) receiving her Outstanding Apprentice Award from Apprentice Employment Network's Gary Workman (left) and Member for Mount Waverley Matt Fregon MP (right).

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