What can you do with a printing apprenticeship

Printing apprenticeship

Connor Wilson’s passion for design led him to a printing apprenticeship at Holmesglen and gave him the qualification to work as a graphic designer for a respected Victorian printing company.

Coming from Gippsland, Connor made a leap of faith with his career and enrolled in the ICP31420 Certificate III in Prepress Graphic Design Production apprenticeship.

“I chose a printing apprenticeship because, since a young age, I was fascinated with creative arts and building things from nothing," Connor says.

"I'm a visual learner, which sometimes people weren't as accommodating of in [secondary] school.

“The teaching methods at Holmesglen are great, and the approach is very personal."

Holmesglen trainer Andrew Readman says Connor’s attitude and ability to work in a team have paved the way for a positive training experience and successful career.

"He is very keen, willing to learn, and, most importantly, not shy, which is fantastic. Connor is comfortable coming into class and interacting with the other students."

As part of his printing apprenticeship, Connor comes into the Chadstone campus three times a year for a block of three to four days, and works as a Graphic Designer at Payless Promotions, a company that designs and distributes Australian-wide promotional products.

What skills will you learn with a printing apprenticeship?

The ICP31420 Certificate III in Prepress Graphic Design Production apprenticeship course supports individuals who work in a digital desig

Printing apprentices learn the practical skills to be a pre-press tradesperson, which may include future job roles as a digital media designer, print preparation roles, pre-press technician, graphic designer, or more related roles.

Some of the key skills printing apprentices learn include, how to:

  • Develop design concepts
  • Produce typographic images
  • Inspect quality against print production standards
  • Use colour management systems
  • Work with environmentally sustainable practices

We also offer additional printing apprenticeships, in similar fields – Certificate III Print Binding, Finishing and Packaging and Certificate II in Printing.

How important are printing apprentices to a skilled workforce?

Printing apprentices undertake a combination of on-campus training and on-the-job work experience, which give them the right skills and qualification and support their transition into the workforce.

The Printing and Graphic Arts industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Australia. In 2022, National Industry Insights reported that over 6,500 businesses and nearly 27,000 people are employed in the field across Australia.

According to Guy Dawson, CEO of Payless Promotions, an Australian-wide company that produces branded uniforms and promotional products, printing apprentices are vital to addressing current skill shortages.

"I think we're already in a state of skill shortage in Australia. So, we need those skills. We need that training and leadership to pass on to the next generation to support the industry."

"There's a huge demand for qualified tradespeople all around Australia, and you do not do better than on-the-job training.

“Some people have gone to university for the same period, coming out with no real-life work experience. Being an apprentice is a great alternative.”

Guy enjoys working with Holmesglen apprentices and guiding them into a diverse industry.

"It's been really positive. [We know] apprentices by nature are going to come in with an amazing skill set.”

Find out how a printing apprenticeship can get your career started at our printing courses page.

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