Government-subsidised training

You may be eligible for Skills First subsidised training in a VET course or funded skillset if you meet the following requirements: 
  • an Australian citizen OR 
  • a holder of a permanent visa OR 
  • holder of a humanitarian visa OR 
  • a New Zealand citizen OR 
  • an asylum seeker: 
  • Hold any humanitarian, protection, or refugee visa in Australia, or 
  • Have applied for a humanitarian, protection or refugee visa and hold a bridging visa for this purpose, or 
  • Have made an application under s.417 or s.48b of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) which is yet to be determined and hold a bridging visa. 
  • Eligibility criteria for the Asylum Seeker VET Program can be found on the program's webpage. 
Physical Location 
You will need to be a Victorian resident and be always physically present in the State of Victoria when you are undertaking the training and assessment. 
Course Limits 

Skills First funding is limited to: 

  • Two courses/skillsets at a time 
  • Two courses and two skillsets in a calendar year 

Visit the Victorian Government website for more information about your eligibility for subsidised training under the Skills First program. 

Exceptions may apply, so please contact Holmesglen Assist. Holmesglen staff are available to determine if you are eligible for concession or subsidised fees.

If you are ineligible for concession or subsidised fees, Holmesglen Assist can provide information about assistance for paying your fees. 


Concession fee rates are usually 20 per cent of the government-subsidised fee.  They may be available to you if you are: 

  • enrolling in a Certificate-level course 
  • meet all eligibility criteria 
  • a current concession card holder - or are the dependent of a card holder.  

Concession cards are: 

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card 
  • Pensioner Concession Card 
  • Veterans Gold Card. 

Important: Concession fees for Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs are also available to Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders.