Holmesglen fashion designs hit the runway

Melbourne Fashion Week

Holmesglen Bachelor of Fashion Design students have brought their creative visions to life for Melbourne Fashion Week’s Student Runway.

Holmesglen has strong links to industry, including events like Melbourne Fashion Week, which give our students a chance to learn, adapt and evolve their fashion skills, by working to industry briefs, collaborating with like-minded fashion professionals and observing various styles.

“Melbourne Fashion Week is a great opportunity to meet the local professional stylists, photographers and models that work in the industry and experience the industry firsthand," says student Yasuha Miki.

Through practical workshops and the guidance of industry-experienced teachers during their three-year degree, the students have learned design innovation, manufacturing and pre-production, pattern engineering, and professional practice during their degree – all the skills needed to secure job opportunities in industry.

Over the years, Holmesglen fashion students have completed internships in global fashion destinations, such as London and New York.

A connection with industry builds experience and a professional network of contacts, which are significant for work as a fashion designer, creative director, brand strategist, or a variety of similar fashion roles.

“It is very important for fashion students to be exposed to other people’s work and perceptions,” says student Tatenda Serere. “You can only apply what you know, hence the more exposed you are, the more practical skills you gain.”

What skills can a fashion degree give you?

The Bachelor of Fashion Design is underpinned by strong practical skills, including using the latest fashion equipment and software, and a range of technical and soft skills.

The three-year, full-time degree develops a foundation of skills to be used in the classroom, at work, and events like Melbourne Fashion Week.

“There have been a lot of hands-on experiences during the degree, which have allowed me to enhance my sewing skills, as well as my art and computer-aided design (CAD) skills. I have also gained some communication skills through presentations,” says student Nima Zangmo.

What should aspiring fashion designers know before starting work?

“Always be confident with your thoughts and don't be afraid of the hurdles which come along the way," says student Vishali Madyala.

“Learning fashion should come from a personal passion for fashion. To be able to persist with your learning requires sufficient endurance and resilience. And the most important thing is creativity,” says student Qin Wang.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Fashion Design, its industry opportunities and how to apply.

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