Holmesglen glass and glazing apprentice wins top industry award


Holmesglen student Daniel Ware is the state’s top glazing apprentice after receiving the Australian Glass and Window Association’s Victoria Apprentice of the Year award.

Daniel is completing the MSF30422 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing and is employed as an apprentice at South Melbourne Glass. Along with gaining experience on the job, his training has taught him how to safely manufacture, install and handle glass and materials.

“The wide variety of materials used, and techniques learned have offered me an insight into the skills and mindset required to be successful in the glass industry,” says Daniel of his Holmesglen training.

Apprentices are the future of the industry, says the Australian Glass and Window Association.

“They play an integral role and make an enormous contribution to the businesses that employ them.”

What skills do you need to be a glazier?

Daniel has developed his award-winning skills in the workshop at Holmesglen’s Chadstone campus, where he says quality control, safe work practices and general glass craft are the three main areas that have helped him become a leading trades professional.

Holmesglen glass and glazing apprentices and non-apprentices study units that include how to make measurements and calculations, read plans, install residential and commercial glazing products, and work in environmentally sustainable ways.

Daniel also believes a good work ethic and problem-solving abilities are invaluable as a glazier.

“A lot of times, especially when working on the residential maintenance side of the trade, things aren’t always what they seem when you start pulling things apart. Being able to think on your feet and figure out solutions that aren’t always obvious at first helps immensely.”

Daniel’s advice for future glass and glazing apprentices

“Don’t be afraid to give it a go,” he says

“A lot of people I have spoken to outside of the trade seem to be almost scared of working with glass.

“If you respect the glass and do things the right way, the risks are manageable.

“In the end, you will have a qualification that will always be in demand and a foot in the door in the construction industry, which has many different career pathways.”

How do you become a glazier?

Holmesglen offers the MSF30422 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing to apprentices over three years. Job outcomes include domestic or commercial glazier, plus similar jobs such as a glass cutter or glass edge worker.

Further training options include the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) course, which is offered to both trades professionals (with at least three years’ work experience) and people wanting to start a small to medium construction business.

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