Our strategy and values

Take a closer look at our mission and vision statements. 

Our strategy

Our purpose

We transform lives, build workforce capability and enrich communities through education and training. 


2030 vision

We are a leader in education, training and applied research, renowned for its innovation and its commitment to learner and industry success.


Strategic goals for 2024-2026
  • Inclusive and people centric
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Future ready
  • Technology enabled
  • Adaptive and engaged

Our Roadmap

As we look to the future, our strategic goals and priorities will support our learners, employees, industry partners, and the wider community.

Our Values


Strive to be the best we can be and seek the best in others.

  • Support and encourage others
  • Get out and achieve goals
  • Innovate
  • Seek opportunities



Keep learning and apply it to your work.

  • Take responsibility for your learning
  • Stay up-to-date in your field
  • Share your knowledge
  • Stay connected inside and outside your work



Show enthusiasm and care for the work we do.

  • Have pride in what we do
  • Be positive and energetic
  • Go the extra mile



Know and do what is right.

  • Make consistent and fair decisions
  • Use authority responsibly
  • Act ethically and be transparent
  • Be accountable
  • Report improper conduct



Treat others as you expect to be treated.

  • Value differences, promote diversity and foster belonging
  • Show empathy, kindness and consideration
  • Be fair and objective
  • Promote an environment free of discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Support organisational decision-making
  • Work constructively with others and listen to what they say
  • Respect others’ privacy



Deliver exceptional service and outcomes.

  • Be responsive, adaptive and agile
  • Know your customer and what they want
  • Innovate and create to improve outcomes
  • Seek and respond to feedback
  • Don’t compromise on quality
  • Learn from experience