Procurement and tendering

Learn more about Holmesglen's procurement and tendering processes.

The Institute is committed to providing an effective control framework that ensures the Institute’s procurement and tendering activities:
  • Achieve value for money; considering the total benefits and costs over the life of the goods, services and assets to be purchased.
  • Are conducted in accordance with relevant legislation, standards, government guidelines and funding arrangements.
  • Consider environmental, social and economic factors.
  • Encourage open and fair competition.
  • Support probity through the application of integrity, ethical behaviour, fairness, accountability, and transparency in the conduct of the procurement processes.
  • Procurement and tendering risks are identified, assessed and managed in accordance with the Institute’s Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

The Institute’s framework includes a procurement and tendering policy, relevant procedures, its social procurement framework and modern slavery policy.

Holmesglen supports Victoria’s social procurement framework and is committed to using its purchasing power to generate positive social value and outcomes beyond the monetary value of goods, services, assets and construction works.

In supporting Victoria’s social procurement framework, Holmesglen has developed and commenced implementation of its own social procurement strategy. Our priority implementation activities under the strategy include:

  • Creating opportunities to purchase goods, services and assets from social benefit suppliers, including Aboriginal business, Victorian social enterprises and Victorian Australian Disability Enterprises.
  • Creating training and employment opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged people.
  • Social procurement objectives and performance outcomes included in all tenders and subsequent contracts for supply.
  • Developing and implementing opportunities for economically or socially disadvantaged people and establishing systems that will enable us to monitor and report on our social procurement performance against our strategy.

Our priority social procurement objectives and outcomes guide our procurement activity and include the following:

Objective #1 - Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people

Outcomes sought:

  • Purchasing from Victorian Aboriginal businesses
  • Employment of Victorian Aboriginal people by suppliers to the Victorian Government

Objective #2 - Opportunities for Victorias with disability

Outcomes sought:

  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises and Australian Disability Enterprises
  • Employment of Victorians with disability by suppliers to Holmesglen

Objective #3 – Women's equality and safety

Outcomes sought:

  • Adoption of family violence leave by Holmesglen suppliers
  • Gender equality within Holmesglen suppliers

Objective #4 – Supporting safe and fair workplaces

Outcomes sought:

  • Purchasing from suppliers that comply with industrial relations laws and promote secure employment

Objective #5 – Environmentally sustainable business practices

Outcomes sought:

  • Adoption of sustainable business practices by suppliers to Holmesglen

Objective #6 – Opportunities for disadvantaged Victorians

Outcomes sought:

  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises
  • Job readiness and employment for: 
    • Long-term unemployed people
    • Disengaged youth
    • Single parents
    • Migrants and refugees
    • Workers in transition

Holmesglen acknowledges that modern slavery risks may be present in our operations. We have zero tolerance for all forms of modern slavery. Holmesglen recognises that respecting the human rights of all individuals is of high importance and we are committed to reducing the risks of modern slavery through our own activities, supply chains and investments.

The Institute is committed to addressing modern slavery risks in its operations and supply chains and we will ensure that we implement actions to address these risks and comply with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).

Under the Act, the Institute is required to prepare and publish an annual modern slavery statement outlining the activities we have undertaken over the previous year to assess and address modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains.

View here the most recent modern slavery statement from the Australian Government's Online Register (PDF).

Download the Modern Slavery Policy (PDF)

This procedure outlines the processes for current and potential vendors and suppliers to make a complaint to the Institute with regards to its procurement and tendering processes and to ensure that the complaint is handled in a fair and courteous manner by employees when receiving, responding to, and managing complaints received.

For more information on our procurement complaints management procedure or how to make a complaint.

Download Procurement Complaints Management Procedure (PDF).

The Institute’s forward procurement activity plans are a high-level summary of potential procurement opportunities over the coming period. These plans are reviewed annually, provide an estimate of activity at a point in time and are subject to change.

Our current forward procurement activity plan/s are listed below. Please note that all procurements outlined in these plans are indicative only and are subject to revision or cancellation. The information we provide in these plans is for planning purposes only and does not represent an invitation for proposals or solicitation, nor is it a commitment by the Institute to purchase the described goods and services. We will not respond to any unsolicited bids received.

Download the Procurement Activity Plan (PDF)

Holmesglen terms and conditions for the purchase of goods and services are included in all purchase orders issued by the Institute. These terms and conditions apply unless a separate written agreement for the purchase has been executed with the Institute.

These terms and conditions are outlined in the following document:

Download the purchase order terms and condition (PDF)

If you have any enquiries regarding procurement and tendering at Holmesglen, please contact procurement@holmesglen.edu.au

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