About Self-Employment Assistance

We have supported small business aspirants for over two decades.

What is Self-Employment Assistance?

Self-Employment Assistance at Holmesglen is a government-funded initiative designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dream of starting their own successful and financially viable business. We provide support to new, and existing, small business owners and we help you develop your business ideas by providing comprehensive advisory, business plan development, training, and business coaching/mentoring. 

We have supported businesses for over 20 years and have helped thousands of people achieve their business goals.

There are a range of flexible and customised support services that you can access for your business concept or current needs. Contact us to find out more.


Business advice and business health checks

Discover how our services can boost your business growth.


Exploring self-employment workshops

Find out how our Self-Employment Workshops can benefit you.


Small business training

We offer two versions of training. Both training services are focused on helping you start your business.


Business plan development and assessment

Our experts can assist you in creating a solid business plan and assessment for your success.


Small business coaching

You will receive extensive support from a team of experts in your first year; if you qualify for business coaching.

Exploring self-employment workshops

Find out about our small business workshops.