Career and study preference help

If you're unsure about your study options, don’t worry, we are here to help. Finding your right course is important – so, let us give you the peace of mind with your study pathway.

Whether you want to know how to change your course preferences, or maybe even look at different study options based on your ATAR score, we can assist with your planning.

TAFE is a great pathway to your future career

The journey to your career requires a lot of dedication – but success is always a shared path. Our range of qualifications give you options, support, and a clear direction with your study.

Didn’t get the ATAR score you desired?

Did you know, a certificate can be used as your foundation to pursue diploma or degree studies. Plus, often, you can gain two qualifications in less time. Some of our courses even earn you credits to partner universities.

Choosing to study with us during the VTAC period is just the beginning, let us help you tick off your career goals along the way.

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Apprenticeship and Pre-apprenticeships

Apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships offer a perfect starting point to enter your chosen industry.