Employee benefits

Why should you work for Holmesglen?

Our people are deeply connected and enriched by our purpose-driven culture.

We also know that we spend a lot of our lives at work and we have a part to play in your wellbeing. Our list of benefits are tailored to each role. Here is a list of benefits we encourage you to discuss with us:

  • Flexible working arrangements including:
    • Purchase up to two additional weeks of leave per year (PACCT Staff)
    • Flexible working hour adjustments
    • Hybrid work
    • Long service leave at full or half pay; pro rata access at seven years
  • Employee Assistance Program available face to face, phone, zoom, live chat or email offering:
    • Manager Assist – coaching and advice for managers
    • Career development and planning
    • Conflict assist – strategies, tools and coaching to support you in dealing with difficult workplace situations
    • Nutrition and lifestyle Assist - specialist advice on nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, addictive behaviours, positive lifestyle changes and more
    • Money Assist – money management and coaching to help you work through financial wellbeing concerns
    • Family Assist – Counselling for family members needing support across personal and lifestyle concerns including aged care
    • Legal Assist – Two sessions of expert legal support and advice across family law, tenancy, renting, real estate, consumer disputes and more
    • Employee Assist – Support and counselling for a broad range of personal and work-related issues

We also have:

  • Easy access to our campuses via public transport
  • A dedicated employee experience team that develops our professional development programs, workshops and seminars
  • ASPIRE Heroes peer recognition program and annual staff awards
  • Holmesglen at Eildon – our very own retreat where we plan and connect
  • Quarterly Hot Topics Forums where experts present and answer staff questions on contemporary issues
  • Onsite parking at most campuses
  • Annual Health and Wellbeing Program
    • Flu shots
    • Virgin Pulse GO walking challenge and health and wellbeing platform
    • RUOK? Day
    • Aware superannuation webinars
  • Health Body and Mind Hub
    • Webinars
    • Live weekly classes
    • Fact sheets
    • Recipes
    • Monthly newsletters
  • Most of our campus and office locations provide a range of holistic lifestyle facilities for all employees including:
    • Prayer rooms
    • Parents’ rooms
    • On-site showers
    • Bike storage
    • Libraries
    • Bulk-billed medical centres at Chadstone and Moorabbin campuses
    • Restaurants at Glen Waverley and Moorabbin campuses