Tom takes on the world with a game design and development course

Tom Van Breda

From VET Delivered to Secondary Students learner to game design and development course graduate, Tom Van Breda has created a promising IT career path.

“Game design and development has allowed me to create anything and everything I could imagine and that to me is a dream job.

“My future goals are to get a full-time job in the game development industry for a few years and then get enough experience to open up my own development studio.”

What can you learn with a game design and development course?

The ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Game Art and Design) with Diploma of Information Technology (Game Programming) gives students the tools to publish game protypes on major digital platforms, such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and even virtual reality applications.

“During the course, we spent a lot of time within the Unity program (a cross-platform game engine), as well as with 3D software, which has greatly improved my skills as a game developer,” Tom says.

Students also benefit from units that include how to:

  •  Refine digital art techniques and 3D design ideas
  •  Work with cyber security awareness and best practices, including information and communications technology (ICT) ethics and privacy
  •  Build user interfaces
  •  Create complex digital games, software and characters

“I love how you can create something from nothing and create a story from it. It is rewarding to see something go from a regular block to something incredible, and then be able to show people.”

What jobs are available in game design and development?

Game design and development is an industry where job opportunities are expanding across disciplines including design, animation, and virtual reality. Australian Government National Skills Commission portal Joboutlook observes multimedia specialist jobs grew “very strongly” over the past five years and are forecast to grow as strongly over the next five years.

Holmesglen diploma course graduates explore career opportunities that may include becoming a:

  •  Games designer
  •  3D modeller, artist-level designer, or character animator
  •  Environmental or texture artist
  •  VR developer
  •  Game programmer or developer
  •  Mobile app developer

Tom’s advice for game design and development students

“A game design and development course is an incredible experience and something worth doing to see if this is the path you want to follow.

“It is great for making friends and getting connections and learning from teachers who help you with your career.”

Find out more about Holmesglen’s game design and development courses, your IT career options, and how to apply.

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