Local industry partners

We work closely with various trusted and respected partners to innovate and provide new training opportunities.

As a leader in vocational and educational training, we partner with a wide range of industries to deliver contemporary and relevant training solutions and to provide our students with the best learning experiences possible. 

Our degree and graduate programs are developed in collaboration with industry and professional representatives to ensure our graduates are career ready and have the skills required to meet industry standards.

Holmesglen works with The Royal Children's Hospital to deliver an integrated practical placement program for students with disability.

Groups of students from the Certificate I in Work Education undertake the program through full-time placements at the hospital.

The project is modelled on successful UK programs and is designed to increase employability outcomes. 


Holmesglen has an active partnership with St Kilda Football Club that benefits both students and club members through internships and training opportunities.

The Saints provide internship and work experience opportunities for Holmesglen students while Holmesglen provides St Kilda Football Club players, staff and members with education and training opportunities.

The opportunity to partner with the St Kilda Football Club in Moorabbin enhances our work in the communities we share. 

Over the last eight years, Holmesglen has built on its strong partnership with the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).

This collaboration provides multi-faceted opportunities for both the VAFA and its member clubs, and Holmesglen students. Students from across a variety of disciplines undertake placements with VAFA and its clubs and Holmesglen provide sponsorship and some game day services. Our mutually beneficial partnership contributes to the VAFA community while also providing real world work opportunities for students.  

In the last 12 months, over 700 people have been trained at Futuretech, our campus at the ETU's North Melbourne location. This long term partnership will fuel Victoria's electrical trade.

Holmesglen and premium private healthcare provider Healthscope have enjoyed a strong relationship since 2012, when Holmesglen entered into a formal agreement to become one of Healthscope’s preferred providers of undergraduate nursing students in Victoria.

Healthscope’s Holmesglen Private Hospital was opened on our Moorabbin campus in 2017 as an Australia first collaboration for TAFE. The partnership provides Holmesglen students access to high-quality supported clinical placements across a range of health disciplines and settings and provides Holmesglen students and teaching staff access to a dynamic acute-care hospital on campus.

PGA Australia Learning Hub Logo

Holmesglen has joined forces with PGA Australia to offer a suite of new specialist golf courses from an innovative learning hub at Sandhurst Golf Club. Through the hub Holmesglen delivers courses in Sports Turf Management and Hospitality Management. The partnership supports people wanting to kick off careers in the golf industry.

Holmesglen has a longstanding partnership with Epworth HealthCare and offers clinical learning opportunities to Holmesglen nursing students. The partnership includes the Nursing Education Collaboration Holmesglen and Epworth (NECHE) program, which provides selected Holmesglen nursing students with various clinical placement opportunities and a guarantee of interview for graduate employment, across one of their hospital locations in Melbourne and Geelong.

The partnership between Holmesglen and Liminal VR represents a pioneering collaboration that empowers students to create top-rated VR experiences. Since 2017, this alliance has facilitated the fusion of academic learning with practical application, resulting in student-developed apps achieving the highest ratings on the Liminal Meta App. This synergy not only enhances educational outcomes but also positions students at the forefront of VR innovation and application.

Holmesglen Institute's decade-long partnership with Cisco as a Networking Academy exemplifies a strategic alliance that fosters technological proficiency and innovation. This collaboration equips students with industry-relevant networking skills, bridging the gap between education and the evolving demands of the digital economy, and solidifying Holmesglen's position as a leader in ICT education.

The strategic partnership between ASD and Holmesglen Institute is a testament to our commitment to national security and education excellence. By combining ASD's expertise in cyber operations with Holmesglen's educational prowess, we are cultivating the next generation of cyber professionals, ready to tackle emerging threats and strengthen Australia's cyber resilience.

Holmesglen Institute's strategic partnership with Microsoft as a Microsoft Academy underscores our commitment to equipping students with cutting-edge digital skills and certifications. This collaboration enriches our curriculum with Microsoft Applied Skills, enabling students to earn Microsoft-verified credentials that validate their expertise in AI and tech skills. This alliance not only enhances employability but also ensures our graduates are at the forefront of technological innovation and prepared for the digital economy.

Holmesglen Institute's strategic partnership with AWS Academy heralds a new era in cloud computing education. This collaboration offers students unparalleled access to AWS's comprehensive learning resources and cutting-edge cloud technology, equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in the digital economy. By integrating AWS Academy's curriculum, Holmesglen is committed to fostering a generation of cloud professionals ready to address the challenges of today's tech-driven world.

Holmesglen Institute proudly partners with Palo Alto Networks Academy to deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity education program. This alliance provides students with hands-on experience using leading technology, preparing them for successful careers in cybersecurity. Through this partnership, Holmesglen reinforces its commitment to academic excellence and industry relevance in the digital age.