Key research projects

Learn about the innovation and contributions we are making in industry and education.

Holmesglen is leading the way in developing research opportunities through partnerships with industry, in particular, research opportunities with the building construction industry, health-industries-related research VR (virtual reality)-related research and innovation and student-based research.

The Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Project Holmesglen and Northwestern Polytechnic, Alberta Canada

Holmesglen received an innovative research grant which will bring digital collaborative research skills to the forefront, as we partner with Canada’s Northwestern Polytechnic (Canada) in developing the next generation of healthcare workers in Australia and overseas.

This research project has evaluated the development, implementation and outcomes of a COIL programme in nursing education established between Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne, Australia and Northwestern Polytechnic (formerly Grande Prairie Regional College) Alberta, Canada. The COIL program has created multiple online environments that have facilitated collaboration, the sharing of resources, and the development and implementation of novel educational and academic experiences for students and faculty.

Four specific research interventions have been developed: 1. An Online Virtual Community (OVC), 2. Virtual Reality/Virtual Simulations, 3. A Virtual Global Classroom (VGC), and 4. A Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP).

The research will lead to increased capability of the future nursing workforce, while increasing their capacity to be involved in research and be part of an international community. Already making leaps and strides in simulation-based education here at Holmesglen, we hope to foster ongoing partnerships with other international institutions to continue to strengthen our global network.

For latest news on the project see Research and Innovation News

The Holmesglen and Healthscope Partnership

Holmesglen and leading private healthcare provider Healthscope broke new ground nationally with the establishment of a jointly run private hospital at our Moorabbin campus. The hospital provides clinical training to our health science students as well as health care to the local community. It also creates new opportunities for applied research and innovation in health services. Research projects have included an Inter-professional ward round for the assessment, diagnosis, and management of delirium in post-operative cardiac patients.

Health research

  •  Prevention of falls in Australian hospitals.
  •  Virtual reality simulation programme for nurse education.
  •  A research project into the integrated practical placement program for young people with a disability in conjunction with the Royal Children’s Hospital, (award-winning program ‘Industry collaboration award', at the Victorian and Australian National Training Awards).
  •  An evaluative research project conducted on Mammography Online: the trialling of an online specialist training programme for radiographers.
  •  Interprofessional Management of Delirium in the Cardiac ICU;
  •  Developing and Evaluating Automation Methods and Tools in Evidence Synthesis;
  •  Skills Labs,
  •  Building Employer Confidence and Inclusion in Disability,
  •  Rehabilitation Technology in Clinical Practice


Holmesglen is contributing to a $28 million building and construction initiative. Funded by the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program, Building 4.0 CRC aims to make Australia a leader in the advanced manufacturing of buildings.

  •  Holmesglen, along with other organisations across the commercial, university, industry and government sectors will collaborate and use research to achieve the Building 4.0 CRC goal of disrupting the building industry through research and innovative technologies.
  •  Building 4.0 CRC will enable a customer-centric and connected transformation of the building industry.
  •  Building construction trades training staff and researchers at Holmesglen, along with our Centre for Applied Research and Innovation, will work closely together in establishing exciting initiatives.
  •  Building 4.0 CRC originated as a university-industry based consortium headed by Monash University, the University of Melbourne, Lend Lease, the Donovan Group and Coresteel buildings.

Holmesglen’s Centre for Applied Research and the Centre for Energy and Infrastructure have been working with our partners to across a number of research projects.

During 2022, three programmes were in varying stages of development

Project#2- ‘Automated tracking of construction materials for improved supply chain logistics and provenance – Phase 1 Scoping Study’
(Dr Henry Pook, Dr Ross Digby).
Outcomes: Potential for Supply Chain Education from Project #2 - Automated tracking of construction materials for improved supply chain logistics and provenance – Phase 1 Scoping Study (in planning)

Project#7- ‘New Technologies, the Future of Work, Skills and Industrial Relations’
(Dr Henry Pook) - Project workshops-29 April 2022 and 24/05/22 (Monash Caulfield).
Note project reviewed and to be re-framed as: Project#21“Regulatory Reform for Industrialised Building”

Project#12- AR/VR technologies and their application in VET
(Dr Ross Digby, Dr Henry Pook).
Project completed and report finalised
Outcome: Publication: ‘Adopting Immersive Technologies in Construction Training: Determining Educational Decision-Making Criteria through a Delphi Technique’ Laura Gutierrez-Bucheli1, Jian Tsen Goh2, Ali Rashidi3*, Duncan Maxwell3, Ross Digby4, Yihai Fang2, Henry Pook4, Mehrdad Arashpour in Educational Technology Research and Development.

Knowledge Transfer and Building 4.0 CRC

The Building 4.0 CRC partnership has generated participation in a number of conferences and showcase events

AVETRA 2022 Conference: Are We There Yet?

  •  Building the reality of a partnership between a TAFE Institution and Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) (Dr Ross Digby, Dr Ali Rashidi, Holmesglen Institute/ Monash University).
  •  Partnerships as a driver of VET’s research profile: a co-operative research project to transform the building industry (Dr Henry Pook, Holmesglen).

ASPIRE: ‘Bringing the Trades In’: new technologies, the ‘trades’, and the significance of B4 CRC research. (Dr Henry Pook). This presentation examined a new industrial revolution (Industry4.0), building construction and its implications for vocational education and training.

‘Building the Reality of a Partnership Between a TAFE Institute and a Cooperative Research Centre’. The objective of the workshop was to discuss Holmesglen Institute’s role and participation in the Building 4.0 Co-Operative Research Centre. Dr Ross Digby


‘What is applied research?’ (Dr Henry Pook). Review of applied research opportunities emanating from involvement in B4 CRC

‘Working with industry and research-based organisations on research projects’ (B4 CRC focus) (Dr Ross Digby)

TDA Conference, Adelaide (November 15-17).

‘Holmesglen Institute and Building 4.0 CRC: A Case Study of Co-Operative Research to Transform the Building Industry’ Dr Henry Pook and Dr Ross Digby.

Building 4.0 CRC Showcase: Holmesglen Institute.

Dr Ross Digby, Skills and Training Leader’ (Convenor) Building 4.0 CRC. Building 4.0 CRC Showcase 23rd March 2022 at the HVAC Centre Holmesglen Victoria. (Holmesglen Institute & A.G Coombs) at HVAC Centre, VIC

HVAC Centre of Excellence

The establishment of a Centre of Excellence for the Design Installation and Commissioning of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems in partnership with the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors' Association of Victoria.

Digitising Practical Skill in Learning Spaces
Holmesglen and Sovereign Hill - Redcoats project

Holmesglen partnered with Sovereign Hill, to replicate, with precise historical accuracy, three 19th Century military uniforms.

Student co-operation – Murrindi Shire and Goulburn River Valley Tourism

During their third year, our Bachelor of Hospitality Management students undertake applied research projects in the Murrindindi Shire. Working with the Goulburn River Valley Tourism (GRVT) Association, small student teams align with existing businesses within the Shire. Their goal is to evaluate opportunities to advance that business’ capabilities in line with the broader regional perspective.

Student co-operation – Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA)

Student teams work alongside VAFA clubs developing marketing strategies for the clubs to consider. To achieve this, students submit a market research proposal, followed by data collection (e.g. extended interview, survey, focus group, observation etc.) with club stakeholders.