Student association

Holmesglen values the contribution our learners can make to the institute, especially relating to student experience.  

Student voice and partnership remain focal points in governance and strategic planning across the institute.

Why Student Voice and Partnership Matter to Holmesglen?
  • We recognise our students are experts in student experience and have significant views and opinions that can positively influence business strategies.

  • We believe in making informed decisions, especially when the outcomes impact our students.

  • We recognise involving students in decision making has a significant effect on the quality enhancements of our business.

  • There is an opportunity to differentiate Holmesglen by engaging in and contributing to international best practice regarding student voice and partnership.

  • We have a responsibility to listen and respond to the concerns and needs of our students.

  • By partnering with students, we have an opportunity to strengthen the Holmesglen brand.

  • The student experience is a shared responsibility and therefore, strategies impacting student experience should be managed together.  

Working with Student Voice Australia

Since its pilot in 2019, Holmesglen has been a proud member of Student Voice Australia. We recognise student partnership may look differently in TAFE, so we work with Student Voice Australia to further identify and embed a culture of student partnership in governance nationally.  

Student Voice Australia has been a fantastic network and our contribution to the Good Practice Guidelines of Student Voice Australia has been a great way to share our experience with others joining in their early stages of student partnership.  

Our students are important members of our governance framework and we’re committed to including them in our decision-making practices. The Student Association ensures the voice of the student body is heard and contributes meaningfully to the things that matter most to our students, including:   

  • Academic matters, such as course design and delivery

  • service and facilities

  • Recreation and social engagement programs and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a student representative, express your interest and a member of the student engagement team will contact you with further information.

Become a student representative

As a student representative, you can have a direct impact on the life and learning of your fellow students.