Local student accommodation

If you require support to find housing, Student Wellbeing can help you.

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Searching for accommodation is hard, particularly when you are trying to study.

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The information on this page is a guide for local students searching for accommodation.

Work out your budget

Start by working out what you can afford. The Australian Government has put together a budget planner to help you figure out how much you can afford to rent. Visit the money smart website.

Different types of accommodation

Shared accommodation
Shared accommodation is a house where you should have your own room and share the rest of the property with one or more other people.

The price of shared accommodation varies but usually costs $140-$220pw and may or may not include bills. Usually, you would be required to pay 2-4 weeks rent in advance as well as a bond of 2-4 weeks’ worth of rent. You should ask for a receipt for any bond you pay and the bond must be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.
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Student housing
Student housing is purpose built accommodation that students can rent while they study. They all require you to enter into a residential tenancy agreement and lease the property for and agreed length of time. To secure the accommodation you would need to pay 4 weeks rent in advance plus 4 weeks for the bond. Pricing varies between $165pw - $325pw.
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Private rental
A private rental is a house that you can rent. Private rentals usually require 4 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond to secure and can be difficult to afford for students who are juggling study commitments. When entering into a private rental agreement you would sign a lease for an agreed length of time and pay 4 weeks rent and 4-6 weeks for the bond.
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Rooming house
A rooming house is a house that is shared by four or more individual tenants who all have their own separate agreement with the landlord. You would have your own room and share all other facilities in the house with the other tenants. Prices vary between $170-$180pw and upfront costs are usually limited to two weeks rent in advance and two weeks for the bond. Rooming houses are required to comply with minimum standards set out by the Victoria government and rooming house lists can be found at your local housing support provider.

Looking for extra support?

If you have nowhere safe to stay tonight
Find your nearest emergency accommodation access point. To find this you can call the statewide homelessness hotline on 1800 825 955 or come and speak to a counsellor or welfare officer at Student Wellbeing.

Housing support agencies
Many housing and support agencies can help you with any needs related to housing. To find your local housing entry point use the ask izzy app This app can also be useful to find out of the agency provide ongoing case management as well as many other things.

Know your rights

We know that issues can occur with any type of housing that you live in and it can be difficult to know here to go for help. If you’d like to know more about your housing rights, you can explore Tenants Victoria website. Alternatively, you can speak to someone at Student Wellbeing on 9564 1649