Explore our projects and partnerships in Japan. 

Holmesglen is very active in Japan, delivering multiple projects and having many educational partners.

We have specialised in working in the northernmost island Hokkaido, but also in other cities across Japan, including Yokohama, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nago in Okinawa.

Kamori Kanko is a leading Japanese hospitality company operating 30 facilities including ski resorts, golf courses and hotels. The Rusutsu Resort in the famous Niseko region is its largest operation, providing year-round resort facilities, including one of the largest ski fields in Japan. Rusutsu won the gold medal for the best ski resort in Japan in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in the World Ski Awards. 
Since 2017 Holmesglen has worked with Kamori Kanko to deliver training in the Rusutsu Resort. Our team works with new staff to train them in hospitality and English. Our customised programs are designed to ensure Kamori’s expatriate and local front desk, wait staff and retail employees can better serve visitors from all over the world. 
We provide preliminary language testing of employees and a preparatory online English program customised for Kamori Kanko. This is followed up by in-country visits by Holmesglen specialist training instructors for front desk, hospitality and retail. The groups are split to deliver industry specific training at a language skill level that is appropriate for the learner. 
Additionally, groups of Holmesglen hospitality students visit Kamori Kanko for work experience at the Rusutsu Resort. The students also participate in English language ‘buddy’ programs to assist the Japanese employees develop their English skills. 
Kamori Kanko employs people from all over the world and is highly proactive in creating a welcoming and accepting workplace. Holmesglen has supported this through delivering sessions on cultural diversity.  

CASE STUDY: Learn more about how this innovative project helped both students and professionals.

Holmesglen has provided special study abroad programs for Japanese hospitality students for over 20 years with our Engjoy partners. Students from the Japan Hotel School (Tokyo), International Travel Hotel & Bridal College (Chiba), Keisen Hokkaido Tourism College (Sapporo) and Nishitetsu International Business College (Fukuoka) come to Holmesglen for a 10-months study abroad program as a part of their three-year course. Their study program in Melbourne improves their English, hospitality skills and understanding of other cultures.

Holmesglen has developed and delivered online tourism subjects to SIU as part of SIU’s degree programs commencing in 2018. The curriculum and supporting resources were developed by Holmesglen teachers. Tourism study groups from SIU visit Holmesglen regularly including visiting our picturesque Eildon campus.

Kutchan Town in southern Hokkaido was the site of the 2019 G20 meeting for Tourism ministers. Prior to the G20 meeting, Holmesglen delivered two projects providing on-site protocol training for groups of hospitality staff and management who hosted the foreign dignitaries.

TDMO are a hybrid government and industry association located in the northern snowfields of Hokkaido. Holmesglen works with employees to train them in hospitality and English. Our customised programs are designed to ensure front desk, wait staff and retail employees can better serve visitors from all over the world. The participants are drawn from more than twelve businesses in seven towns in the region.

In 2018 an Memorandum of Understanding between YCC and Holmesglen was signed at the Australian ambassador’s residence in Tokyo. Senior managerial and faculty staff have visited each other to develop student exchange and potential pathways for YCC students to come to Holmesglen for English and higher education study. YCC students have an annual study tour to Holmesglen focusing on English language skills reinforced through homestay accommodation with Australian families.