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Holmesglen - Qatar Banking & Finance Schools Project 
Since 2010 Holmesglen has partnered with Qatar Central Bank to create a specialised Banking and Business senior secondary school for boys. Due to the success of the program, a girls’ school was opened in 2015. 
Students have undertaken these courses as a pathway to higher education degrees and subsequent employment in the Qatari finance sector. The Australian content has been delivered by a group of Holmesglen teachers living full time in Doha, the capital of Qatar. 
Students have been provided the choice of completing Australian qualifications in Business or Banking and Finance. In each case, the programs are delivered and assessed in English. 
A professional development program has also been provided for teachers to support the development of language learning curricula, communicative teaching methodology, and competency- based learning and assessment activities. 
Students have also undertaken unique Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) during Year 11 and Year 12.  SWL is time spent in the workplace where the students complete designated tasks as assigned by their teacher in cooperation with a workplace supervisor


Bahrain Vocational Education Project – Ministry of Education
This project has involved the development of new curriculum for vocational training and the piloting of the curriculum using new teaching and learning pedagogy.  Cohorts of Master Trainer teachers have been trained and an apprenticeship system established.  Strategies for encouraging industry engagement have also been developed as part of this project.  
This three-year project has implemented cultural and organizational change within the education system of Bahrain.  Occupational Standards endorsed by industry have also been developed. A rebranding of vocational training to improve public perception of the value of TVET has been an integral part of this project.