ICT acceptable use policy for students

Holmesglen provides ICT resources to all students to enable and enhance learning.

Access to the network (including Wi-Fi) and usage of ICT equipment must adhere to the principles of this Acceptable Use Policy.

Main principles

1. To safeguard the integrity of Holmesglen’s network and your account details, Holmesglen enforces access by means of password control. This means that:

  •  Passwords must be unique, consists of: a minimum of 8 characters; a minimum of one uppercase alpha character (A - Z); a minimum of one numerical character (0 – 9).
  • Passwords must not be disclosed to other people, including teaching staff and IT Support staff.
  • Students must register for Self-Service Password Rest
  • Students must not allow others to log in to their accounts on their behalf.

2. Holmesglen recognises and respects the need of academic freedom, however, for the purpose of maintaining respect and ensuring acceptable usage, some internet sites and content are filtered and/or blocked.

3. Comments made on social media must be considerate, respectful, and consistent with Holmesglen rules and Student guidelines.

4. Use of email, collaboration tools and other Institute communication channels must not be used for creation or distribution of spam, offensive or abusive messages. Holmesglen reserves the right to inspect, monitor and take possession of any communications or files using Holmesglen’s ICT facilities. This information can be shared with external authorities.

5. Holmesglen accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to data occurring from the use of Holmesglen’s ICT facilities and services.

6. It is not permitted to intentionally interfere with the normal operations of the Institute network, servers, services, data and other physical or digital assets or attempt to defeat the security measures or use ICT facilities to exploit third party facilities.

7. It is not permitted to download, upload or otherwise transmit any copyrighted material (music, movies, software).

8. Performing any other inappropriate use as identified by the Technology Services Department.

Student ICT help and support

Phone: 9564 1625

Online service desk

Access Holmesglen ICT Acceptable Use Policy (PDF) for more information, as required.