Payment plans

If you are having trouble paying your fees, a payment plan contract is available to assist with your fee payment.


After enrolling with your department contact Holmesglen Assist  to apply for a payment plan.

You can apply; however, we require an adult to act as a Guarantor.  This would normally be a parent or guardian.  The person who is acting as your Guarantor must be present when you are setting up your payment plan contract and will be required to sign a Guarantor Form before your contract can be approved.

There are no extra charges or set-up costs associated with the payment plan.

You can choose when you want the instalments to be made. They can be either fortnightly or monthly.  However, your instalments must be finalised 1 month prior to the completion of your current registration. Payments can be made:

  • BPAY – an invoice can be requested at time of payment plan setup which will contain your BPAY details; or
  • Over the counter at Holmesglen Assist (make this a link to our contacts page).

You must go to your department to complete an Amendment to Student Record form.  Holmesglen Assist staff will process the amendment and determine if a refund or an adjustment to your payment plan is required. For general enquiries concerning your payment plan and/or adjustments to your plan contact Holmesglen Assist on 9564 1846.

If you withdraw/delete after the census/refund date, you will be liable for all of your course fees. For further information on our refund policy please see withdrawals, refunds and re-credits

Holmesglen has a professional financial counsellor available to provide free, confidential advice to all students - local and international.  If you would like to make an appointment or find out more about how we can help visit our financial counselling page.

Debt collection

Should payment of any amount owing under the agreement not be made by the due date:

  • The amount will be considered overdue and recovery action may be commenced; and
  • Holmesglen may, at its absolute discretion:
    •  terminate the agreement;
    • withhold any results and certificates pending payment of amounts outstanding under the agreement; and
    • computer access and access to online student resources will be denied until outstanding fees are paid; and/or
    • cancel the student’s enrolment

If the agreement is terminated the total amount payable under the agreement becomes payable immediately. 

Step 1 - login to the student portal 
Enter your Network ID (given to you in your letter of offer) 
Enter your Password (your password will be you r date of birth in 8 digits, using the format DDMMYYYY E.g., if you were born January 1 1982 your password will be 01011982 
Step 2 - select student 
Step 3 - select student account 
Step 4 - select account summary  
Step 5 - select pay now

Then enter the amount you are wanting to pay. Note the amount will default to your total. You can change this amount to your instalment amount.