Koorie Access Scholarship

Find out if you're eligible for scholarship support.

The Koorie Access Scholarship is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people VET students (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma) in all Holmesglen course areas to assist with the cost of Tertiary education.

Eligibility criteria
  • Provision of statement of how the scholarship would benefit studies
  • Provision of study/career pathway information
  • Provision of financial information
  • Provision of supporting documents
  • Provision of other relevant information
Scholarship conditions
  1. Prospective or current Holmesglen students are eligible to apply
  2. Only Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people are eligible to apply. Proof of Aboriginality is required.
  3. Applicants who are a family member of a Holmesglen employee or agent are not eligible to apply.
  4. Applicants cannot be a recipient of any other scholarship/award
  5. Documentary evidence is required to support your application
  6. An applicant may only be awarded one scholarship during their study at Holmesglen
  7. The Scholarship Committee meets monthly to assess applications, and funds are subject to availability.

View the full  Koorie Access Scholarship terms and conditions (PDF 156KB).


Up to $2,000 per scholarship

You can apply for the Koorie Access Scholarship by completing the application form (PDF 1.6MB)